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30 Avr 2015 

Shifting sands: The form of golf that's on borrowed time

Story highlights

Expat oil workers in Abu Dhabi built sand golf course in 1961

Form of game features putting 'browns' instead of greens

Unexpected hazards can include the burrows of desert lizards

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But in other parts of the world, sand golf is a version of the game in its own right.

The idea of playing a round without verdant fairways to stride down or lush greens to putt (and, of course, miss) on seems strange, even wrong.

Sometimes needs must, though. Half a century ago, expat oil workers with an enthusiasm for golf had nowhere in Abu Dhabi to play.

In the baking desert heat, with little or no irrigation possible, the equation was simple: they either had to adapt to the surroundings or there'd be no golf at all.

The result was an best search sites incarnation of the game in which the only grass to be seen is artificial, found on a mat carried around by players to serve both as a tee and a surface from which to strike when the ball is on the fairway.

Fairways? They consist entirely of sand and are indicated by marker posts. If the ball lands outside them, it's in the sand golf equivalent of the rough -- stony terrain that the unwary player may soon find is home to a few snakes and a lizard or two.

Greens? Well, they're known as "browns," built from clay and topped with a mixture of sand and oil to provide a true putting surface, a formula arrived at through trial and error.

It's an odd environment, this golfing world with a palette of golden-brown colors. And with rapidly developing irrigation and growing techniques enabling grass courses to be built in desert climes, it's an increasingly unusual one.

Back in 1961, determined British oil workers created a sand course on an atoll known as Das Island, around 100 miles off Abu Dhabi in the Persian Gulf. It was the country's first-ever golf club.

As the expat population grew, so did the demand for the game, and in 1971 sand golf moved into Abu Dhabi proper with the opening of a course near the Sea Palace. Its success brought a move to the Equestrian Club, attracting close to 500 members.

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In the 1990s, the sand game's fortunes took a dive as the site was earmarked for a nine-hole grass course. But although many sand course players changed surface and took up the more conventional game, several battled on and the 18-hole Al Ghazal sand course was created near Abu Dhabi airport, with its front nine occupying part of an archaeological site, in 1997.

Sand golf also exists in parts Australia and Africa but Al Ghazal (which translates as "gazelle" -- gazelles peer from behind a fence by the second brown,) is the only one that can be described as "world class," says Dennis Cox, an expert on the game, because the scale and scope of its layout rivals its grass counterparts.

The course found a place in the international spotlight when a World Sand Golf Championship, boasting star names including Colin Montgomerie was played in 2004 and 2005 (won by Greg Owen and Thongchai Jaidee,) but the tournament fizzled out as showpiece events went to showpiece grass courses.

Maybe that's understandable when you consider some of the extra elements involved in the sand game -- the browns, for example, must be swept for a few minutes after use so that they are left smooth and footprint-less for following players, while unexpected hazards can include burrows dug by desert lizards.

Cox warns that a tradition is under threat, with a form of golf that was once commonplace in danger of becoming just a memory. Other, smaller clubs have fallen by the wayside, while Al Ghazal's location near an expanding airport presents an obvious threat to its future.

But even if the sand game were to fade into obscurity in the emirate, it is still played in parts of Africa.

In Libya, still racked by instability following the ousting of Muammar Gaddaffi, courses -- the bulk of which can be found in the capital, Tripoli -- are of sand, with no grass versions existing. Once smart and well-kept, they have now slumped into neglect, with few people to play on them or look after them.

David Bachmann, who formerly worked at the Austrian embassy in the city, wrote on his In Tripolis blog about the experience of playing sand golf in and near the city.

Recounting his experiences of Tripoli's tattered nine-hole Ghargharesh course, he wrote that it was one for diehards only, "golf fanatics that would come every weekend to play a round on this challenging course."

And he imagined that the skeleton of the clubhouse, on which work had long since stopped, might one day boast "marble, chandeliers and state-of-the-art locker rooms... overlooking the deep blue Mediterranean with the sun setting over the sea."

For now, and against the odds, fans of this form of the game will just have to make do with being kings of their very own sand castles.

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30 Avr 2015 

Business Ethics

Are We Teaching Millennials to Be Amoral?

Christopher B. Nelson

This is why I don't believe McBrayer has it right. The Common Core standards get almost everything wrong when it comes to educational policy, but not because they inculcate moral relativism.

Can Brands Be Enlightened?

Read More: Brands, Marketing, Csr, Sustainability, Sustainable Business, Business Ethics, Ethics, Unilever, Nike, Leadership, Branding, Diageo, Brand Strategy, Transformation, Business News

Nick Seneca Jankel

Strategic brand management is a well-advised and profitable route. If a brand can capture the hearts and minds of its hard-to-please consumers and, even better, harness a 'spirit of the times', it will benefit from commitment, passion and even advocacy.

Ethics Training Is Missing the Mark: Here's Why

S. L. Young

Decisions individuals make cannot be necessarily managed by external factors; although, if ethical training helps individuals to understand and prepare for the internal factors that might be experienced while dealing with ethical dilemmas.

Staples, Like Other Companies, Can Afford to Treat Their Workers Right

Ben Spielberg

Staples' decision will undoubtedly renew arguments that the ACA's employer mandate has led to harmful effects on work. These arguments, like parallel narratives about min. wage laws and paid sick leave ordinances, are largely inaccurate, and advocates of evidence-based, power-balancing policy are absolutely right to debunk them.

What Sony and the NFL Have in Common

Read More: Business Ethics, Ethics, Media Ethics, Media News, Movies, Sony Hack, Sports, The Interview, HuffPost Aspen Institute, Aspen Institute, Business News

Judith Samuelson

When money and judgment collide today, it seems we pretty much always go with the money.

A Trustworthy Press Is the Immune System of Democracy

Read More: News, Technology, Tech, Winston Churchill, Journalism, Politics News, Jon Stewart, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Ethics in Journalism, Reporters, Ethics, Business Ethics, Integrity, Center for Public Integrity, Sunlight Foundation, Poynter Institute, Columbia Journalism Review, Dean Starkman, Irs, Iraq, Obamacare, Danah Boyd, Editors, Politics, Cnn, Society of Professional Journalists, ONLINE NEWS ASSOCIATION, Media News

Craig Newmark

Do your best to get it right. If you do, great. If you don't, admit you got it wrong, fix it, even if hard, and try harder next time. And we should reward journalists and press outlets that are practicing good, honest journalism.

Recycling Opens the Door to a Circular Economy

Read More: Circular Economy, Cradle to Cradle, Sustainable Packaging, Paper, Recycling Business, Recycled Materials, Post Consumer Recycled Paper, World News Corporations, Environment Impact News, Green Technology, Green News, Green Economy, Corporate Sustainability, Business Ethics, Sustainable Technology, Green Corporations, Sustainability Trends, Corporate Social Responsibility, Changing Our World, Sustainability, Corporate Green, Global Supply Chain, Environment, Generation Change, Business News

Brian Kennell

Recycling is critically important, but it's only one part of a larger, globally emergent environmental paradigm known as the Circular Economy. As we look forward to America Recycles Day, we are reminded that we have so much more to do.

The New Privacy Frontier: Creating a Better Mobile Experience

Kate Bolseth

Looking at privacy through the lens of the consumer, they are confused, concerned and not feeling as if they are in the driver's seat. Moreover, the underlying security frameworks are constantly under attack.

Unexpected Cost of Ethical Behavior

S. L. Young

In pursuit of my college degrees, work at Fortune 500 companies, and memberships in professional organizations, I was directed and trained to ensure ethical compliance --- as it's a personal, organizational, and company responsibility.

Traditional Virtues Trump Ethics Codes

Brad Reid

So, are virtues a matter of genetics or environmental influences? I have no answer to this question except to say that it is the wrong question in this conversation.

Breaking the Rules -- And Feeling Good About It

Read More: Lying, Psychological Science, Morality, Decision Making, Dishonesty, Cheating, Business Ethics, Judgment, Ethics, Cognition, Rationalization, Science News

Wray Herbert

Intriguingly, people don't lie and cheat indiscriminately -- simply because they can get away with it. Even when there is no chance of being found out, people show some level of aversion to acting unethically. They want it both ways: to profit by dishonesty, but also to preserve some sense of themselves as moral beings.

How Do You Deal With an Unethical, Productive Employee

Russ Warner

Firing a productive employee with the intention to find and rehire someone else isn't a decision to take lightly. That decision impacts the company's bottom line. But without productive employees, an organization cannot excel, and that affects the bottom line as well.

Leaders: Legal, Ethical or Right?

Dianna Booher

When people decide to disregard their moral compass as the official business handbook, they begin to make up the rules as they go. Anything can happen, and the situation frequently proves to be a source of conflict.

Is Your Wireless Carrier Jacking You Around?

Kathleen Reardon

Compared to parts of Europe, where unlimited cell phone data access can be obtained without a contract for a small portion of the fees charged in the USA, cell phone data fees in America are a nightmare.

How Seriously Does Your Nonprofit Board Take the Matter of Ethics?

Eugene Fram

Most board members are aware of their obligation to ensure their nonprofit's compliance with certain standard regulations e.g. making tax payments, su...

Enthuse Your Way to Employee Buy-In

Naphtali Hoff

A primary challenge for supervisors is to encourage others within their organization to go the extra mile and get the job done in a timely manner. In ...

Why Facebook Should Follow Ethical Standards -- LIke Everybody Else

Robert Klitzman, M.D.

It is not clear that Facebook broke the law -- the regulations apply technically to federal-funded research, but have been universally adopted by researchers as the standard. Facebook should agree to follow these guidelines as well.

Pernicious Moms Threaten Capitalism

Rebecca Todd Peters

If you accept the position that the only thing corporations should care about are profits, then a trend that decreases profits might be thought of as harmful. But the only perniciousness that I see is the inherent danger of a profit-only mentality that views a thoroughly wholesome, healthy, environmentally beneficial trend like parents making their own baby food as pernicious.

Trust and the Wealth of Nations


By Carolyn Ervin In the 17th arrondissement of Paris you can walk past a bust of the 19-20th century French writer, Tristan Bernard. It carries a m...

How a Faith-Driven Stay-at-Home Mom Exposed an International Price-Fixing Conspiracy

Cat Knarr

Late at night, Mark Whitacre watched an FBI agent leave his home and walk toward the car, gone at last and completely oblivious to the corporate crime at work in a Fortune 500 company. It was over.

Business Ethics

Martin Marty

Fifty Catholic academic-ethicists wrote President John Garvey of the Catholic University of America (CUA), protesting the university's acceptance of $1 million from the Charles Koch Foundation to support programs on "principled entrepreneurship."

The CEO as a Public Official

Terry Newell

Barra may be an example of what we will increasingly see -- and expect. In the world of social media, the World Wide Web, and a 24/7 news cycle, private sector leaders can neither isolate their companies nor control the expectations that govern how they need to behave.

New Jewish Camp to Teach Entrepreneurship to Teens

Read More: Judaism, Summer Camp, Venture Capital, Business, Shark Tank, What-Is-Working-Small-Businesses, Colorado, Camp, Business Ethics, Values, Jewish, Teens, Jewish Camp, Boulder Colorado, Entrepreneurship, Business News

Rabbi Jason Miller

You know it's a good idea when parents lament that they wish there was something like this when they were teens. That seems to be the general consensu...

The WHOLE Truth?

Bruce Weinstein

Swarthmore College, where I took my first ethics course, which changed my life Photo by Bruce Weinstein A friend of mine, whom I'll call Maurice (n...

CVS: A Prescription to Do the Right Thing

Read More: Parker Hannifin, Corporate Values, CVS Caremark, Tobacco Product Sales, Business Ethics, Cvs, Moral Values, Doing Good, Business Social Responsibility, Business News, Do Well, Corporate Leadership, Sustainability, Malden Mills, Sherwin-Williams, Do Good, Shared American Values, Doing the Right Thing, Impact News

Stuart Muszynski

CVS is a notable exception and, hopefully, a tipping point in moving companies from being profit-driven to profit-and-purpose-driven.

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29 Avr 2015 

The Best And Worst Countries For Women

The World Economic Forum today released its sixth annual Global Gender Gap Report, which ranks 135 countries, comprising 93% of the world's population, by measures of gender equality. In the last six years, 85% of the surveyed nations have improved their equality ratios, but women everywhere continue to face barriers to equality in wages and political representation.

"A world where women make up less than 20% of the global decision-makers," says Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, "is a world that is missing a huge opportunity for growth and ignoring an untapped reservoir of potential."

To determine the best and worst countries for women's equality, the group considered 14 variables in four categories: women's access to basic and higher education; women's health and survival by measures of life expectancy and sex ratio; equality of economic opportunity and participation; and political empowerment.

At the top of the list, Iceland is ranked No. 1 for the third consecutive year. It is the top-ranked nation in women's educational attainment and political representation. As one of the first countries to give women the right to vote in 1915, Iceland currently has 43% female parliament members and has had a female head of state for 18 of the past 50 years. Current Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir was appointed in 2009. With 81% of women in the workforce, Iceland also features one of the narrowest labor force participation gaps.

"Like the Nordic countries generally, Iceland has a long tradition of supporting women's empowerment," says Saadia Zahidi, a report co-author and senior director of the World Economic Forum's Women Leaders and Gender Parity Programme.

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29 Avr 2015 

DETROIT AUTO SHOW: The 2013 Ford Fusion Shows Off Its Hot New Body

Jan. 9, 2012, 12:01 AM


If you just bought a new Ford Fusion, we feel really sorry for you.

Ford's bread and butter midsize sedan is going to be all new for 2013 and it simply looks amazing.

The body is a bold departure from the current Fusion and also showcases the new design language for the Ford brand moving forward.

The new design takes clear inspiration from the EVOS concept car that appeared at the Geneva Show and there also appears to be a definite Aston Martin influence in the grill and lights.

The Fusion also eschews the top of the line V6 for a group of four cylinder engines. Two of these will be turbocharged EcoBoost units: a new 1.6 liter as well as a 2.0 liter that is expected to put out 250 horsepower. Not too shabby for a small family car.

2013 Ford Fusion InteriorFord

In addition to gas options, there are now two hybrid models. The first, a traditional hybrid, can go up to 62 MPH without assistance from the gas engine and achieves up to 47 MPG in the city.

The second, the Fusion Energi, is a plug-in that is expected to achieve over 100 MPGe. In other words, that's better mileage than either the Chevy Volt or the Toyota Prius Plug-In.

The interior appears to be a big step up as well, with a Sony stereo, three spoke wheel, and what look to be high quality materials. 

We'll see more of the Fusion tomorrow when the 2012 Detroit Auto Show opens to the press.

Full disclosure: We would not be able to attend without Ford, who offered to fly us to Detroit and grant us access to the show as well as their design studios.

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29 Avr 2015 

Gather Business News Channel Archives

No McRelief For McDonald's Employees At The Bottom Of The Corporate Food Chain

McDonald's is a corporation that's large enough to be its own country. Employing more than 1 million people worldwide, it has an economy that's larger than Ecuador's, the Business Insider reports. However,

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Walmart Black Friday 2013: Offers Early Bird Deals on HDTV's, iPad Mini  More

The Walmart Black Friday 2013 sales haven't officially started, although the retailer has started to roll out some "Early Bird Online Specials" ahead of the big day. Among the interesting items being

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2013 Black Friday Ad Leaked: Doorbusters  Deals Include Keurig, More

A new 2013 Black Friday ad has leaked for a major retailer and includes doorbusters, deals and sales on all sorts of items. The latest ad joins leaked ads from the likes of Harbor Freight, Fred's, GameStop

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's Retirement Plans Causes Chaos Inside Company?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced earlier this morning that he would be retiring from the company within 12 months. His decision comes just a month after he decided to restructure the entire business,

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Retires Now To Avoid Troubles in the Future?

Earlier today, Steve Ballmer-the CEO of Microsoft-decided that he planned to retire within the next 12 months and leave the world of technology behind. It came as a big shock to many because Microsoft

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Why United Parcel Service is Leading Google News on Thursday?

United Parcel Service is headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., but it serves more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, and it just realized its first quarter earnings of four percent on its e-commerce

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Netflix Beats Out HBO in Number of Subscribers

Netflix has surged ahead of HBO in number of U.S. subscribers so far in 2013, with 29.17 versus HBO's 28.7 million. This should add fire to the simmering rivalry between the two companies, whose leaders

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American Auto Sales Reach Five-Year High High"/>

What struggling economy? Auto sales in the United States reached a five-year high in 2012. Lower interest rates, consumer confidence and new designs helped spur sales after the recession nearly destroyed

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Christmas Eve Store Hours for Major Retail Chains Listed

Christmas Eve store hours for major retail chains is something everyone is looking up. Who doesn't procrastinate just a little bit when it comes to the holiday? There's always that last-minute gift to

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Researchers find renewable energy can power U.S. grid

Renewable energy could power almost all of a power grid by 2030 at about what electricity costs today, according to academics in Delaware. Think it is too good to be true? Read on. "The key is to

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Farming: Friend or foe to climate change?

The answer to a cleaner climate is through the stomach, according to a new report by the Worldwatch Institute . Sustainable agriculture is the key. "Practices such as using animal manure rather than

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Cyber Monday 2012 Deals: Amazon Begins Sale for Week on 11/26

The Cyber Monday 2012 deals will be running all week long at's website. The online retail site has already started to unveil some of what will be offered at discount with calendars showing

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Walmart Strike Increases Sales!

Walmart thrived on Black Friday despite the efforts of protesters who planned a nationwide Walmart Strike. USA Today reported that the retail giant made 10 million transactions from 8 p.m. to 12:00

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Black Friday 2012 Deals Week from Amazon Includes Discounts on Cameras, TV's  Laptops

The Black Friday 2012 Deals Week has officially launched for the Amazon website, and will last through the 24th. On Monday, the web retailer started its week-long sales event offering discounted prices

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Black Friday 2012 Sales Include 'Black Ops 2? Xbox 360 Deal from Gamestop

With Black Friday 2012 sales right around the corner, video games will certainly be a top seller in terms of holiday gifts this year, just like in past years. One retailer, Gamestop, is offering extra

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Warren Buffet Paper Shut Down After 143 Years of Service

Warren Buffet is shutting down the News and Messenger, a paper that has been around Prince William County for 143 years . He is also shutting down its partner website Inside NoVA, which had a lively

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Hostess Quits: In the Face of Massive Strike, Hostess Decides to Close

Unable to withstand a prolonged nationwide strike, Hostess has decided to call it quits after more than 80 years. In an article in the Wall Street Journal , the Irving, Texas company released a statement

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Apple Stock Runs Out of Buyers

Apple stock hit a 6-month low today as large Wall Street funds are dumping the stock in unison. CNBC reported the price at $525.62 Thursday; its high this year was $705. While the stock is still up

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Hostess Strike: Twinkies Maker Hits Deadline with 18,000 Workers

What Americans have come to love about Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Zingers , and other delicious treats may come to an end with the Hostess strike reaching the 5 p.m. ET deadline Nov. 15. According to Chron

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California's Carbon Trading Opens for Business

When California opens its carbon trading Nov. 14 at 10 a.m., more than 62 million allowances will be offered with a minimum bid price is $10 a ton. That is about what European Union emission carbon units

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Black Friday 2012: Lowe's 24-Page Ad of Sales Revealed

Another home improvement giant has just released their Black Friday 2012 ad as of Sunday. It's less than two weeks before the biggest shopping day of the year arrives and ads are rolling out like crazy

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Black Friday 2012: Home Depot Ad Leaked, Big Sales on Popular Items

Home Depot has leaked their Black Friday 2012 ad and a lot of popular items will be on sale for the huge shopping event. A number of retailers are opening Thanksgiving night, but Home Depot is sticking

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Black Friday 2012 Ads: Sears Deals Arrive 5 Days Early for Shopping Extravaganza

As Black Friday 2012 ads continue to get leaked online, the latest news is that Sears will be offering their special deals 5 days ahead of the big shopping day. The bricks and mortar retailer has positioned

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Post-Election News Looking Bad for Market, Dow

Post-election news shows that a lack of trust in a reelected President Obama to steer America's turbulent financial waters lead to the Dow dropping as much as 313 points on Wednesday. That's reflects

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