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03 Feb. 2016 

Obama administration to announce efforts to boost self-driving cars | Reuters

DETROIT The Obama administration will announce efforts to boost self-driving cars on Thursday, according to government officials.

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Mark Rosekind, head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, told reporters that Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx will be in Detroit to talk about administration efforts to speed the introduction of self-driving vehicles.

There is not yet a clear legal framework governing the presence of driverless cars on U.S. roads.

Automakers and technology companies such as Alphabet Inc's Google have called on regulators to clarify guidelines for introduction of autonomous driving technology, in part out of concern that a mishap involving a self-driving car could result in costly litigation.

A Google spokesman said the company will take part in Thursday's announcement by Foxx. Detroit automakers are also likely to participate.

In December, Rosekind said he opposed a "patchwork" of state regulations on driverless cars and promised a "nimble, flexible" approach to writing new rules for self-driving vehicles.

Officials had said President Barack Obama might discuss advanced transportation efforts in his final State of the Union Address on Tuesday, but he did not.

(Reporting by David Shepardson; Editing by Bill Rigby and Clarence Fernandez)

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03 Feb. 2016 

The 10 Best Exercises For Six Pack Abs

Food may be the basic necessity of any living organism. The important aspect is that patients with congenital heart defects must consult the doctor regularly. The important factor is always that patients with congenital heart defects must consult the doctor regularly. We can easily see, a large amount of folks have limited time of age and unable to live their lives with the best possible manner.

1/4 cup low-fat cheese. One of the very reliable ways is to test the record of the company's past policy holders in addition to their comments in regards to the insurance they transacted with for a lot of years. Exercise really helps to burn calorie and also activates the genes that are beneficial to health in other ways. About the Author:Author write for Healthcare Agency Katy TX and Best Home Healthcare Agency Katy TX.

Medical Researcher, Health Practitioner and Pain Management Specialist. He helps you along with your homework at night as well as draws your diagrams just to ensure you don't get scolded in school. These celebratory beverages gave feeling of warmth and energy to people within the cold dark days. Seeing as we're not able to possibly get every nutrient we're able to possibly get among the meals we eat each day, mainly because of convenience, time, additionally with other factors, we should locate them off their sources, namely, Lorna Vanderhaeghe products. Eggland's Best Cracked Humpty Dumpty.

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It helps in performing exercises correctly, which involves any movement, especially exercises that concentrate on hip alignment. The trick is in finding high quality products that offer you the best. The trick is based on finding high quality items that offer you the best. However, a 6 ounce sugar-free and nonfat fruit yogurt can produce a nice healthy snack with 5 grams of protien also as 80 calories. You can include small amounts of soya - stir fried with veggies or you might use soya spreads, and gain your daily dose of healthy, comfortable food-stuff.

For the person who is feeling overwhelmed by the coming cold weather and really wants to strengthen their body contrary to the colds and flu of the season, the recommended health drink should be described as a mug of hot mulled cider. Each one can assist to build definition and carve out visible muscle. Remember to read several reviews online to get the brands that happen to be working effectively among many pet owners all over the country. You'll call at your blackheads vanishing slowly.

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03 Feb. 2016 


Even if you have a lot of other priorities for instance, sports, extracurricular activities, etc., still you need to complete a senior project to graduate successfully

Workforce to Double by September

WEST UNION, Iowa, Aug. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- FRC Racing Products Inc. (Nasdaq: FRCR) of West Union, Iowa, has recently been awarded a three- year contract to be the exclusive manufacturer of a new breed of race car. The contract, and initial order of the vehicles, will require FRC to nearly double its workforce in the welding and fabrication departments.

FRC Racing Products manufactures race cars and related race car components. Recently, FRC has been involved in the establishment of 50's Racing Classic, a new racing series that will compete primarily in the Southeast. David Williams of Panama City, Florida, who is the founder of the series, inked the contract with FRC, and immediately placed an order for 20 of the cars. Williams has been quoted as saying that he expects 3,000 cars to be built and sold in the three year period. The cars sell for approximately $25,000 each.

The new race car is a three-quarter scale version of a 1955 Chevrolet. All the cars competing in the 50's Racing Classic series will utilize an identical chassis and engine, with no modifications allowed to either. The engines are being specifically built by Jasper Engines of Jasper, Indiana. The formula of an entire series of identical cars is new to oval racing, but has found tremendous success in sports car racing. The Sports Car Club of America, SCCA, lists their SCCA Spec Racer as their most popular division.

"We're very excited about this contract," stated Gene Nelson, FRC Executive Vice President. "The contract is allowing us to grow so fast that we are currently looking for experienced welders, fabricators and skilled race care builders."

FRC Racing Products is a relatively new corporation, and just recently moved into a building it purchased from the City of West Union last June. FRC had already found success with its own design of late model and modified stock cars, as well as its line of components for all types of auto racing. FRC Racing Products is also a major distributor for other racing-related companies.

One of the original prototype Racing Classics was delivered to seven- time NASCAR Champion Dale Earnhardt. Earnhardt plans to use the new racer in exhibition racing later this year. The series will begin competition in October, and is quickly gaining interest from race track operators in the Northeast and Midwest. Several inquiries have also come directly from NASCAR.

FRC Racing Products is currently taking applications at their manufacturing facility, one mile south of West Union on Highway 150. A publicly held company, FRC trades on the Nasdaq bulletin board under the symbol FRCR.

-0- 8/2/95

/EDITORS NOTE: Photos are available by calling FRC, 319-422-5996 or David Williams, President, 50's Racing Classics, 904-235-0077/

/CONTACT: Gene Nelson, Executive Vice President, FRC, 319-422-5996 or David Williams, President, 50's Racing Classics, 904-235-0077/


CO: FRC Racing Products Inc. ST: Iowa IN: AUT SU:

MH-KW -- MN004 -- 9377 08/02/95 11:26 EDT

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03 Feb. 2016 

Are hydrogen fuel cell cars a realistic option compared to battery electric vehicles? : TreeHugger

Even if you have a lot of other priorities for instance, sports, extracurricular activities, etc., still you need to complete a senior project to graduate successfully

Every time the subject of hydrogen powered cars come up I think of that scene in The Matrix where Switch says to Neo: Listen to me, Coppertop. I dont have time for 20 Questions Right now, theres only one rule: Our way, or the highway. She is telling him that he is little more than a battery.

the matrixSwitch in the Matrix/Screen capture

And I want say to the hydrogen fans: Listen to me coppertop- HYDROGEN IS A BATTERY. Thats because you can make it in two ways: steam-methane reformation, which means that it is a fossil fuel, and the source for 95 percent of hydrogen) or electrolysis of water, which makes it essentially a battery storing electric power.

But thats just my opinion. What about the experts, like Brandon Schoettle and Michael Sivak of the The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute? They just had a look at the relative merits of battery electric and fuel cell vehicles, and found that the fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) come up short. They do see some benefits to them:

FCVs have significantly longer driving ranges and lower refuelling times than comparable BEVs, and it is also possible for them to use the least amount of petroleum (well-to-wheels) per mile, depending on the type of hydrogen used. On the other hand, only a small number of vehicle models are available, and only in the most recent model years. Similarly, the hydrogen-refuelling infrastructure is practically nonexistent outside of California. There is a general consensus among the experts that expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure needs to precede the mass introduction of FCVs in order to raise consumer confidence in the availability of hydrogen fuel.

In the body of the study it becomes clear that FCVs do not beat internal combustion engines (ICEs) by much in equivalent fuel economy, And they are not much better in greenhouse gas emissions either, particularly in the liquid hydrogen versions, because of the energy required to transport and compress the hydrogen.

summary comparison Brandon Schoettle and Michael Sivak, University of Michigan

In fact, when you look at the overall summary table, FCVs perform better on many criteria than ICEs but on the important ones, not nearly as good as Battery electric vehicles or BEVs. It is pretty much a confirmation of what Elon Musk has said:

I dont want to turn this into a debate on hydrogen fuel cells because I just think that theyre extremely silly. Its just very difficult to make hydrogen and store it and use it in a car.

Now it is true that there are new technologies in the hydrogen pipeline, as Christine called the philosophers stone for a new era- using catalysts. Eric Rogell tells us that some of that California Hydrogen is coming from garbage.

But the cost of building out an entirely new hydrogen production and distribution infrastructure is huge. We have gasoline infrastructure, natural gas is pretty easy, and electrical recharging facilities are expanding fast. Surely this latest report just does a Hindenburg on the hydrogen fuel cell car; there is no point.

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