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24 Feb. 2016 

NBC News hires 'remarkable' Chelsea Clinton as special correspondent | US news

Chelsea Clinton has been hired as a special correspondent by NBC, the network has announced.

The only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton will report on the Make a Difference series for NBC Nightly News, and also Rock Center with Brian Williams, highlighting stories about ordinary people who help others.

A public figure since the age of 12 when her father ran for president, Clinton has nevertheless avoided the media spotlight, refusing to speak to reporters during her mother's political campaigns.

She joins George Bush's daughter Jenna Bush Hager, who also works as a correspondent for NBC and has been reporting for the network's Today show on issues such as education.

Clinton, who lives with her husband Marc Mezvinsky in New York City, said: "People who imagine and implement solutions to challenges in their own lives, in their communities, in our country and in our world have always inspired me.

"I hope telling stories through Making a Difference as in my academic work and non-profit work will help me to live my grandmother's adage of 'life is not about what happens to you, but about what you do with what happens to you'."

Steve Capus, president of NBC News, said: "Chelsea is a remarkable woman who will be a great addition to NBC News. Given her vast experiences, it's as though Chelsea has been preparing for this opportunity her entire life. We are proud she will be bringing her considerable, unique talents and dedication to NBC News."

Capus told the New York Times that Clinton contacted the network through an intermediary in July and, in a subsequent interview, spoke of her interest in people stories.

Brian Williams, managing editor of Nightly News and Rock Center, said: "Chelsea Clinton has led a remarkable life. She possesses an uncommon understanding of humanity on city streets, across this country and around the globe. We are so excited she's joining us to tell the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things."

Last month, there was a flurry of speculation over Clinton's future plans after a New York blog reported she was considering running for Congress, but the report was later denied by a Clinton spokesman.

Clinton, who has a bachelor's degree in history from Stanford and a master's in public health from Columbia, is pursuing a doctorate at Oxford and is working at NYU. Her recent academic publications have focused on questions around how to improve access to relatively low-cost, high-quality healthcare services globally.

The job will allow her to continue her work with New York University and the Clinton Foundation, as well as her studies at Oxford.

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24 Feb. 2016 

Morgan Motor Co. Chooses Pasha To Transport Sports Cars Worldwide

Even if you have a lot of other priorities for instance, sports, extracurricular activities, etc., still you need to complete a senior project to graduate successfully

CORTE MADERA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 9, 2004--Morgan Motor Co., makers of elite British sport cars since 1910, has chosen The Pasha Group to handle factory-to-dealer distribution services for its acclaimed Morgan Aero 8 sports cars.

Pasha, which handles factory-to-dealer logistics for numerous international and domestic auto manufacturers, will be responsible for transportation management and processing of Morgan Aero 8 vehicles from the factory in Worcestershire, England, to the port of Southampton, by roll-on/roll-off ship to Baltimore, and from there to dealers in the United States. Pasha will also ship other Morgan models from Worcestershire to Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand and South Africa via container ships. All countries combined, Morgan expects to ship approximately 250 of their hand-made cars per year.

"Pasha has been chosen as the preferred supplier of deep-sea shipping services due to their expertise and professionalism. Pasha handles our small volumes with respect and care," said Mark Ledington, corporate sales manager of Morgan Motor Co. "We look forward to strengthening our partnership in the coming months."

"Morgan sports cars are among the world's most desirable cars, and dealers and customers have very high expectations," said Martin Suddards, director, The Pasha Group UK. "Working closely with Morgan, we developed a customized system to process and deliver the vehicles that will ensure the high level of quality expected by its dealers and customers. We are pleased to have been chosen by Morgan to bring its sports cars to the world."

The Pasha Group first began processing automobiles in 1942. Since then the company has been processing, distributing and handling logistics for numerous domestic and international auto manufacturers. Pasha currently handles over 400,000 vehicles per year with its port processing facilities, rail ramp operations and factory logistics services. Pasha's Distribution Services group manages the delivery of vehicles by truck and rail to dealers throughout the United States. All of Pasha's domestic automotive facilities are ISO 9001 certified.

Pasha's extensive experience in automotive logistics makes its new venture, Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines, a natural progression. Pasha Hawaii Lines is currently building the MV Jean Anne, a 579-foot roll-on/roll-off, Pure Car Truck Carrier ship at VT Halter Marine in Pascagoula, Miss. The MV Jean Anne is the first vessel of its kind to be built in the United States and is expected to be in service in the first quarter of 2005 with fortnightly service from the West Coast to Hawaii. Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines is a joint venture of Corte Madera-based The Pasha Group and Stamford, Conn.-based Strong Vessel Operators.

About The Pasha Group

With headquarters in Corte Madera, The Pasha Group is a 57-year-old diversified international logistics and transportation services company. Pasha provides specialized services in maritime terminal management; processing and total supply chain logistics of finished and privately owned vehicles; relocation services for the U.S. Government and corporations; domestic and international logistics management for general commodity and project cargoes; and vessel stevedoring of vehicles, steel products, general cargoes and containers.

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24 Feb. 2016 

Summary and Significance of the United States Presidential Election of 1896

Did You Know?William McKinley never left his house to campaign for the election. Railroad companies brought people to visit him, and these trips were free. He went on to win and become president.

Elections always hold promises of great things to come. With the same feelings of hope, peace, and prosperity, the people wish to continue their lives without additional drama. The events of 1893 had led to an economic depression due to falling prices of gold. The nation was facing a severe crunch, as the railroad companies had borrowed from the banks, but were unable to complete railroad lines in time. Plus, the falling standards of gold had reduced the value of the dollar, and the rich-poor divide was once again brought to the surface.

Farmers had traded their harvests for gold at huge losses. This led to sentiments of favoritism towards the industrialists, and the agrarian population floated a separate party that would advocate their policies of free silver. They believed that silver would help reduce the deficit and let them pay off their outstanding debts. The Sherman Silver Purchase Act was passed in order to increase inflation and reduce the burgeoning debt. The Act allowed the US government to buy more silver than usual, which the people could redeem for cash. This plan however backfired, as people used the silver to buy gold. President Grover Cleveland had to borrow money from Philip Rothschild and banker JP Morgan just to keep the US Treasury from sinking.

The growing depression and discontent finally led to people needing a change of government. The 1896 elections had received the fervor and attention of all the states, as the elected candidate would be the champion that promised to end the drought, and bring in prosperity and wealth.

Major Candidates in the 1896 Election

The Democratic Party nominated William Jennings Bryan of Nebraska, an orator who gained the confidence of the people with his Cross of Gold speech that vowed the usage of silver, and not crucify mankind on the standards of gold. His running mate was the candidate for Vice President, Arthur Sewall, a wealthy shipping magnate from Maine.

The Republican Party nominated William McKinley of Ohio, who had helped pass the Sherman Act, along with the unpopular McKinley Act that had increased the tariffs. But his appointment as governor, as well as being a veteran of the Civil War, worked in his favor. His running mate was Garret Hobart, a lawyer and a former Speaker of the New Jersey General Assembly.

The Populist Party also nominated William Jennings Bryan, due to his leanings towards the common man and sympathy for the farmers of the rural states. But to maintain their independence from the Democrats, they nominated Thomas E. Watson, a Georgian senator and attorney.

The Socialist Party nominated Charles Matchett of New York and Matthew Maguire of New Jersey for the election. Their platform mainly favored reduction of labor hours.

The Prohibition Party split into two, namely the Narrow Gauge and Broad Gauge, had an anti-liquor stance. They fielded Joshua Levering with his running mate Hale Johnson for the Broad Gauge, and Charles E. Bentley with his running mate James H. Southgate for the Narrow Gauge.

Some members of the Republican Party who preferred silver over gold formed the Silver Party, and fielded William Jennings Bryan as its primary candidate.

Despite all these nominations, the main race was basically between William McKinley and William Bryan Jennings.

Major Issues


Gold reserves had dipped to an all-time-low, with former President Cleveland favoring silver coins to reduce the burgeoning debt. Railroad companies had already borrowed from banks to build connecting railroad lines.


Silver was cheaper than gold, and preferred by the working class and farmers to buy necessary commodities.


The panic of 1893 had resulted in high taxes on imported goods from Latin American countries, as well as tax against industrialists.

Summary of the 1896 Elections

Since the policies of President Cleveland were not well-received, the Democrats nominated William Jennings Bryan as their candidate.

William McKinley was nominated from the Republican side even after the debacle of the Sherman Act which he had help pass in Congress.

William Jennings Bryan traveled by train to give a speech in every city. His record was 36 speeches in a day.

McKinley adopted a front porch policy and received people at his house. His manager Mark Hanna, a businessman and a Republican Senator, used his business skills to gather donations from various businesses.

A besmirching campaign was run by the Republican factions, by portraying Jennings as a crusader of dangerous policies, like favoring silver and showing McKinley in a good light as the champion of safe and sound jobs.

The Republicans printed fake dollar bills with Jennings' face on it, which read 'IN GOD WE TRUST....FOR THE OTHER 53 CENTS', implying that a dollar bill would be worth only 47 cents.

The South and Mountain states were expected to vote for Jennings, while the cities in the Midwest decided to test their faith with McKinley.

The results were pretty close, since a major portion of the East and Northeast cities voted for McKinley, and Jennings did well in the agrarian states of the South, West, and rural Midwest. The national vote put McKinley in the lead with 51%, and then Jennings followed with 47%. In the electoral college, McKinley won with 271 electoral votes, to Jennings' 176.

In the end, America had decided in the favor of McKinley, who signed the Gold Standard Act by stabilizing the value of a dollar to an ounce of gold. He further signed the Dingley Tariff Act to set the tariff rates at 45 percent. After McKinley's win, gold reserves found in Alaska, Colorado, and South Africa led to the gold rush, which would ensure prosperity for the next ten years. Populist policies died down and didn't influence American interest. This election was significant because it marked a shift towards urban interests, instead of being pro-farming.

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24 Feb. 2016 

2 people killed while racing cars in Milwaukee

Even if you have a lot of other priorities for instance, sports, extracurricular activities, etc., still you need to complete a senior project to graduate successfully

Courtesy: MGN OnlineCourtesy: MGN Online

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Police say two young people have died in a street race in Milwaukee.

Authorities say a 17-year-old girl and a 23-year-old man were killed when their car left a northwest side street and collided with a tree about 10:30 p.m. Monday. Investigators say the man was driving and was racing another car before he lost control.

Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

Copyright 2016: Associated Press

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