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19 Avr 2016 

Woods looks very healthy says Nicklaus | Sport | Reuters

Benjamin Harris was a maverick in the early days of journalism. He was not alone but he definitely stood out from the crowd.

(Reuters) - Tiger Woods seemed "very healthy" when he attended a dinner party at the home of Jack Nicklaus, the 18-times major champion said on Sunday.

Nicklaus and wife Barbara hosted the gathering for United States Ryder Cup hopefuls at their Florida home on Thursday, while the players were in town for the PGA Tour Honda Classic.

Woods, who has not played competitively since August, was there in his capacity as a Ryder Cup assistant captain. "He looked very good," the 76-year-old Nicklaus told reporters on Sunday.

"He looked very healthy and he really misses playing. So that's good. "He says he was feeling great, and he was able to stand over a putt and chip now without having any leg pain and so forth. We didnt really talk a whole lot about it."

Despite the upbeat comments, Nicklaus said a return to competition was not imminent for Woods, who underwent back surgery in September and had a follow-up procedure the following month.

There was a media report recently that Woods had suffered a setback from his most recent surgeries, and could not move well.

Woods responded by sending out a video that showed him smoothly swinging a nine-iron in a golf simulator. "He doesnt have a timetable for returning or anything," Nicklaus said.

Woods, 40, has won 14 major championships, second only to Nicklaus.

(Reporting by Tim Wharnsby in Toronto; Editing by Andrew Both)

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19 Avr 2016 

Health & Fitness Directory

Benjamin Harris was a maverick in the early days of journalism. He was not alone but he definitely stood out from the crowd.

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness involve the tools and techniques individuals employ to reach health related goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Health and fitness include the time management, mindset, equipment, and education necessary to reach these goals. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a technique of inserting needles into "acupuncture points" on the body with the aim of restoring health and well-being and treating pain. Adult and Senior Development

Adult & Senior Development are all related to the physical and psychological effects of healthy aging and retaining a positive attitude. Aerobics

From the Greek for "using oxygen," the term "aerobics" applies to any set of vigorous physical exercises designed to force the body to use oxygen in the muscles' energy-generation process. Aging and Longevity

Aging & Longevity relate to the physical and psychological effects of healthy aging and retaining a positive attitude. Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine consists of the therapeutic and preventative health care practices that do not involve drugs, but rather herbal and mental variations of medical treatment. Alzheimer's

Alzheimers is a degenerative disease that is the most common form of dementia. Generally it is diagnosed in people over 65 years of age. Anti-Aging

Anti-aging addresses medical and psychological ways to prevent, slow, or reverse the effects of aging and help people live longer, happier lives. It includes scientific research and applications in genetic engineering, tissue engineering, and other medical advances, e.g., finding treatments and cures for Alzheimer's disease. The anti-aging marketplace includes nutrition, physical fitness, skin care, hormone replacements, vitamins, supplements, and herbs. Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a practice of using muscle response feedback (muscle testing) to pinpoint mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks and a subsequent determination of treatment. Using the body as a biofeedback mechanism, information is obtained from innate intelligence to make desired changes and obtain objectives. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the use of selected fragrant substances in lotions and inhalants used to affect mood and promote health. Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is a condition where there is damage caused to the joints of the body. Treatment options vary depending on the type of arthritis and severity and include physical and occupational therapy, medications, and natural/dietary options. Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by severe deficits in social interaction and communication and by abnormal behavior patterns, such as the repetition of specific movements or a tendency to focus on certain objects. Ayurveda

Ayurveda, or Ayurvedic medicine, is ancient system of health care that is native to the Indian subcontinent. Ayurveda promotes healthy living and therapeutic measures that relate to physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony. Back and Neck Pain

Back and Neck Pain can result from a number of physical causes and medical conditions. Biofeedback and Neurofeedback

Biofeedback is a technique where the central or autonomic nervous system is studied to gain some voluntary control over an involuntary function, usually therapeutically such as muscle relaxation, meditation, and breathing patterns. Body Building

Body Building is the process of developing muscle through the combination of weight training, increased caloric intake, and rest. Breathing and Breathwork

Breathing is the process by which oxygen is drawn in and carbon dioxide expelled out of the body. Proper breathing is an important aspect of good health. Chiropractic

Chiropractic is an alternative health care profession whose purpose is to diagnose and treat mechanical disorders of the spine and musculoskeletal system with the intention of affecting the nervous system and improving health. Diabetes

Diabetes means that your blood glucose (GLOO-kos), also called blood sugar, is too high. Glucose comes from the food you eat and is needed to fuel our bodies. Glucose is also stored in our liver and muscles. Your blood always has some glucose in it because your body needs glucose for energy. But having too much glucose in your blood is not healthy. Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements are related to health, physical wellbeing, and weight control. Dieting and Weight Loss

Dieting and Weight Loss is the regulation and limitation of food in order to improve physical condition and health. Elder Care

From assisted living homes, nursing homes and hospices to home care and modification, elder care refers to a broad range of services designed to meet the special needs of senior citizens. Energy Bars

An energy bar is a bar-shaped snack food usually marketed to athletes or other physically active people who wish to maintain their calorific needs in light of their strenuous physical activity. Some brands of energy bars are also sold as dietary supplements. Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment consists of any object used during an activity that requires physical or mental exertion, especially when performed to develop or maintain fitness. Facial Exercise

Facial Exercises are various series of contractions of the facial muscles meant to achieve an improved, toned, younger looking face. Fat Loss

Fat Loss involves shedding excess body fat or adipose tissue, with an eye toward losing weight and increasing overall physical fitness. Fitness and Exercise

Fitness and Exercise can improve one's overall physique, as well as their health, mind, and attitude. Hair Loss

Hair Loss implies thinning or lack of hair, especially on the head. In humans, baldness generally means androgenic alopecia or "male pattern baldness" or its variant "female pattern baldness". This syndrome occurs in adult male and some female humans and other species. Healing Arts

Healing Arts is a broad term that can encompass a number of different health and wellness practices. Health Clubs

A health club is a place which houses exercise equipment for the purpose of physical exercise. Many health clubs employ personal trainers or offer group exercise classes for their members. Health Coach and Health Coaching

Health coaching is a method of guiding others to address their health and, if need be, make behavioral changes to improve health. Like traditional coaching, health coaches utilize goal setting, identification of obstacles, and use of personal support systems. The relationship between the coach and coachee is an accountability partnership focused on the overall health outcome goals as defined by healthcare practitioners and the patient/coachee. Health Education

Health Education is defined as the process by which individuals and groups of people learn to behave in a manner conducive to the promotion, maintenance or restoration of health. Health Products and Services

Health Products & Services are essential self growth tools for those looking to improve their health and wellness through physical fitness, herbal supplements, and mental enrichment. Heart Disease

An umbrella term referring to a number of specific diseases and conditions, heart disease is one of the leading causes of death, killing one person every 34 seconds in the US alone. Herbal Remedies and Herbs

Herbal Remedies are medicines and supplements created with plant and plant extracts to treat various aliments. Herbal remedies are traced back to folk and traditional medicinal practices. Holistic Health

Holistic Products & Services promote a health philosophy that physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life as closely interconnected and balanced. Human Development

Human Development refers to the process by which an individual matures over their lifespan: physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

HGH, or human growth hormone, is a protein hormone which stimulates growth and cell reproduction in humans. HGH has attracted increasing interest and use by amateur and professional bodybuilders, as well as professional athletes, to increase performance and muscle growth. Immune System and Immunity Enhancement

As your bodys official Defense Department, the immune system protects against all enemies: toxins in the air, viruses and bacteria that get into the body. Everything. The fact that the immune system lives and works as part of the busiest, most interactive system known to man, the endocrine system, complicates its already daunting job description. With knowledge of how it all works together, though, we can give our immune system the support it needs to meet its challenges. And that knowledge is why were here. Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are a group of conditions such as insomnia, narcolepsy, hypersomnia and parasomnia characterized by disturbance in the amount, quality, or timing of a person's sleep. Martial Arts

Martial Arts are any of the traditional forms of Oriental self-defense or combat that utilizes physical skill and coordination without weapons. Many forms of martial arts are used for fitness and sport. Massage and Massage Therapy

Massage and Massage Therapy involve the kneading and rubbing parts of the body to increase circulation and promote relaxation, as well as aid the process of injury healing and manage pain. Medical Advice and Resources

Medical Advice & Resources are available by medical professionals and institutions on varying topics of illness, recovery, and general inquiry. Men's Issues

Men's issues are the topics related to men's health, concerns, and lifestyles. Migraines and Headaches

A headache or cephalgia is pain anywhere in the region of the head or neck. It can be a symptom of a number of different conditions of the head and neck. A Migraine is a debilitating condition characterized by moderate to severe headaches, and nausea. It is about three times more common in women than in men Mind Body Healing

Mind Body healing is a series of techniques and practices that attempt to harness and enhance the mind's capacity to affect bodily function and symptoms. Natural Health

Natural Health is a branch of alternative medicine which focuses on a system of natural therapies concerned with building and restoring wellness through healthy lifestyles. Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is an alternative therapy which emphasizes the body's innate ability to heal and maintain itself. Naturopaths prefer to use natural remedies such as herbs and foods rather than surgery or synthetic drugs. Nutrition

Nutrition concerns dietary questions and concerns regarding healthy living and wellness. Nutritional Assessment

Chemical analysis of ration ingredients or, more commonly, consultation of a table of approximate composition of feedstuffs. Overeating and Obesity

Obesity is a condition in which the natural energy reserve, stored in the fatty tissue of humans and other mammals, is increased to a point where it is associated with certain health conditions or increased mortality. The rise of obesity in the modern age due to our diet and exercise patterns is increasingly viewed as a serious public health problem. Pain Management

Pain management is the medical discipline concerned with the relief of pain. It can include both pharmacological and non-pharmacological solutions to relieving pain. Personal Trainers and Personal Training

Personal Trainers design exercise routines, provide education on physical fitness and give motivation and support to help their clients achieve better health. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the art and science of physical care and rehabilitation. It is a primary care health profession, with physical therapists (or physiotherapists) providing services to individuals and populations to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout the lifespan Pilates

The Pilates Method (or simply Pilates) is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. The program focuses on the core postural muscles which help keep the body balanced and which are essential to providing support for the spine. Pregnancy

Pregnancy resources, guidance, and products related to self improvement and natural health can help women and families during the stages of pregnancy before, during, and after birth. Qigong

Qigong is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that involves the coordination of different breathing patterns with various physical postures and motions of the body. Qigong is based on the belief that the body has "energy fields" generated and maintained by the natural respiration of the body, known as qi. Reflexology

Reflexology is the practice of massaging, squeezing, or pushing on parts of the feet, or sometimes the hands and ears, with the goal of encouraging a beneficial effect on other parts of the body, or to improve general health. Reiki

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique utilizing universal life force energy (chi), and is directed to the client and dispersed throughout the body with hands lightly on and/or right above the body. Scenar

S.C.E.N.A.R. is an acronym for Self Controlling Energo-Neuro Adaptive Regulation, and denotes both a therapy and the advanced medical treatment device with which this therapy is applied. Smoking - How to Quit Smoking or Stop Smoking

According to the American Lung Association, smoking-related diseases claim an estimated 430,700 American lives each year. It is directly responsible for 87 percent of lung cancer cases and causes most cases of emphysema and chronic bronchitis. This section is dedicated to websites that discuss "How to Quit Smoking or Stop Smoking". Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is any beneficial intervention from sound that affects us on a mental, physical or emotional level. Some examples are Healing Music, Binaural Beat sound applications, tuning forks, and Ultra Sound. Sports

Sports are physical activities governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. Stretching

Stretching is series of physical exercises designed to activate and elongate various muscle groups in order to improve their elasticity and tone. Many athletes stretch deliberately before or after exercise in order to increase performance and reduce injury. Superfoods

Superfoods is a term sometimes used to describe foods with high phytonutrient content that may confer health benefits as a result. Walking

There is no simpler or more natural exercise than walking, though few exercises can provide such a complex mix of health, fitness and even emotional benefits. Wellness

Wellness can refer to the maintenance of bodily health, mental acuity, overall fitness, or even spiritual happiness. Perhaps most importantly, many see true wellness as a balance between all of the above. Women's Issues

Women's Issues are the topics related to women's health, concerns, and lifestyles. Yoga

Yoga is a system of exercises practiced to promote control of the body and mind.

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19 Avr 2016 

Brooklyn Decker the pin-up girl flaunts her sensational curves in new lingerie ad

Benjamin Harris was a maverick in the early days of journalism. He was not alone but he definitely stood out from the crowd.

ByJade Watkins

Updated: 03:39 EST, 24 November 2011

She may be best known as a swimsuit model, but now Brooklyn Decker is making a splash in the lingerie world.

The 24-year-old Sports Illustrated model and wife of tennis champion Andy Roddick flaunts her curves in a range of sexy two-piece sets for Italian lingerie brand La Senza.

Stripping down for the company's Valentines collection, the beautiful blonde playfully and provocatively poses for the camera.

Playful pin-up: Brooklyn Decker channels a Fifties pin-up girl as she strips down for Italian lingerie company La Senza

Stylish and bright, the collection includes a variety of flirty styles, including a playful blue and red ruffled two-piece, in which Brooklyn channels the Fifties pin-up girl.

In other images, the model effortlessly complements the wares with her knock out figure.

And with barely any make-up on her complexion, Brooklyn's smouldering natural beauty shines.

But while she clearly looks the seasoned pro in these stunning shots, Brooklyn says she struggled to break into the modelling world.

Sexy: Flaunting her stunning curves for the company's Valentines collection, the beautiful blonde provocatively poses for the cameraSexy: Flaunting her stunning curves for the company's Valentines collection, the beautiful blonde provocatively poses for the camera

Flawless: She may be best known as a swimsuit model, but Brooklyn looks just as good in lingerie tooFlawless: She may be best known as a swimsuit model, but Brooklyn looks just as good in lingerie too

The fashion world completely rejected me when I first came out... I have boobs and I have a body and I talk too much and I smile too much!' she said.

The Texan native is known for her more curvaceous figure, which lead to her coveted Sports Illustrated cover last year.

The bubbly blonde revealed earlier this year that she battled an eating disorder early in her career.

She said that it was her father that help her overcome it after he staged an intervention.

Dangerous curves: The Texan native is known for her more curvaceous figure, which lead to her coveted Sports Illustrated cover last yearDangerous curves: The Texan native is known for her more curvaceous figure, which lead to her coveted Sports Illustrated cover last year

"I was always with other aspiring models. There were bingers and purgers, and everyone watched each other eat,' she told Shape magazine back in January.

'It freaked me out. I did juice fasts and crazy diets and ended up gaining weight. My father did an intervention and got me to stop obsessing about everyone else and wrecking my body.'

As well as he busy career as a model and budding actress, Brooklyn is also a devoted wife to her sports star husband.

Racy lace: Stylish and bright, Brooklyn shows off the collection's variety of sexy styles

During the tennis season, the Texan native was regularly seen cheering her hubby on from the sidelines.

Brooklyn met Andy after he caught sight of her while skimming through a copy of US magazine Sports Illustrateds swimwear edition in 2006.

He asked his agent to contact Brooklyn and ask her for a date and the couple have been inseparable since, tying the knot in April last year at their home in Austin, Texas.

Ravishing in red: The 5'9 model lounges in a red floral lace two-pieceRavishing in red: The 5'9 model lounges in a red floral lace two-piece

Brooklyn was first discovered in a North Carolina shopping mall when she was a teenager.

She went on to become a household name when she appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2006, and then graced the cover last year.

She almost outshone Jennifer Aniston in the this year's hit romantic comedy Just Go With it, playing Palmer Dodge, the much younger love interest of the film's main character played by Adam Sandler.

Next up for Brooklyn is a role in What to Expect When You're Expecting alongside Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez.

Smokin': With barely any make-up on her complexion, Brooklyn's smouldering natural beauty shinesSmokin': With barely any make-up on her complexion, Brooklyn's smouldering natural beauty shines

Her character Skyler is pregnant with twins and married to older man Ramsay, who is played by Dennis Quaid.

The film is based on the best selling book, which is has sold 16 million copies and is referred to as 'America's pregnancy bible.'

Other top names making up the star-studded cast include Jennifer Lopez, Chace Crawford, Cameron Diaz and Chris Rock.

Although she may play a pregnant woman in the film, she and Andy are in no rush to start their own family.

In love: Brookyln married tennis pro Andy Roddick in her native Texas last yearIn love: Brookyln married tennis pro Andy Roddick in her native Texas last year

'Not to namedrop because that's really lame, but I ran into Fergie one time and she said to me, 'Once you get married, people are going to ask, when are you having babies?

So just get ready for it. Its going to be so annoying.' she said in an interview with E! news.

'And shes so right. So my answer is, were obviously waiting. Were young and were focused on our careers and being together right now.'

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19 Avr 2016 

Picture perfect: McDaniel stays GQ

Benjamin Harris was a maverick in the early days of journalism. He was not alone but he definitely stood out from the crowd.

There was a moment during Notre Dame's 14-10 victory over USC last Saturday when Irish running back Cam McDaniel lost his helmet mid-carry.

But rather than sporting the terrified expression we normally see from a de-helmeted player, McDaniel looked remarkably calm.

Not to mention photogenic.

The photo is startling similar to "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy" whose picture from a 10K race went viral in 2012 after the spontaneous shot looked like a modeling photo (below).

[ PHOTOS: College football's hottest cheerleaders gallery ]

We get the feeling that once this photo starts making the internet rounds, female Notre Dame fans are going to have a new favorite player.

Alas, bad news for those new fans: McDaniel is taken .

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The original article can be found at Picture perfect: McDaniel stays GQ.

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