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16 Avr 2015 

Golf Is Famous Outdoor Game In India

The natural diversity of its courses makes the sport of golf in India very exciting. It has the highest course at Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir as well as the oldest golf club in the world outside Great Britain which is better known as the Royal Calcutta Golf Club which was formed in the year 1829. Wherever you go you are sure to find a golf course be it in the mountains, plains, deserts and beach resorts. Another unique thing about these courses is that nearly all of them are well connected by road, air and train. Quality accommodation is available in most of the neighboring areas of the golf courses.

All the golf clubs in India were affiliated to the Royal Calcutta Golf Club which in turn followed the rules of St. Andrews club of Scotland till the early 1950s. However, in December, 1955 some renowned golfers of the country got together and formed the Indian Golf Union. This Union became the governing body for the game of golf in India Today the Indian Golf Union is now affiliated to the World Amateur Golf Council. This Union has done a lot to promote golf in India. One of its most remarkable tasks after its inception was to start the first training camp in India in the year 1957. The training camp was held in the Royal Golf Club, Calcutta. Professional s, assistant professionals and caddies were brought from all over the country and extensive training was given to them to teach golf. The year 1958 is a landmark in the history of Indian Golf Championship as it was to be played alternately at Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta.

1964 will also be remembered as an annual event of the India Open Golf Championship being played for the first time in Delhi. It was won by Peter Thompson, an Australian golfer.

Today golf in India has come a long way right since its inception. There are a large number of Indian golfers who compete in international competitions and have made a name for themselves in the world scenario. All this has led to the dramatic development of the game. Golf enthusiasts are growing in numbers and new courses are added almost every year. The crowning glory of golf in India was when Delhi was chosen to host the first ever golf completion for the Asian Games in 1982.

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16 Avr 2015 

The Evolution Of The Rules Of Golf


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The first known rulebook was laid out by the 'Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers' in 1744. And on the back cover of that rule book, as a guiding principle of 'Fairness' is the overriding principle: Play the ball as it lies, play the course as you find it, and if you cannot do either, do what is fair.

Rules are standardized and governed by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in Scotland and the United States Golf Association, who collaborate to ensure consistency and fairness.

The rules of golf have evolved over the years. In the olden days there was no such thing as 'out of bounds'. 'Play it where it lies' was the common saying that was developed and it's still in use today. Of course, this is not really practical as it is perfectly possible to hit a ball out of the course best search engines boundaries. Thus the 'Out of bounds' rule has long been in force, meaning a 1 stroke penalty and the 3rd shot being played from either where the ball went out of bounds, or from the site of the original stroke.

Nowadays a golfer is allowed 14 clubs in his bag and the make up of these clubs is completely up to the individual golfer (within the rules of golf of course). For example a ruling in 1909 makes a Croquet Mallet unacceptable as a golf club. Who would have thought?

Original golfers used balls made of wood and then the feathery ball became standard from the 1600s until the Gutta-percha balls were introduced in 1848. However, there were no rules actually governing the balls. The Gutta-percha balls used to break so the first rules regarding replacement balls was in 1850. Replacement balls were allowed where the largest piece of a broken ball ended up. It was not until 1920 that the rules actually specified that a ball would weigh 1.62 ounces and have a diameter of 1.62 inches. This was eventually changed in 1973 to a 1.68 inch diameter ball, favored by the Americans.

Hazards are another area where the rules have taken a long time to catch up. The first definition of a hazard was in 1891 and anything in the way of a 'fair lie' was considered a hazard. These rules have been updated and changed to include things like ground under repair, water hazard, etc.

Rule #1 was an interesting rule. This rule was never codified until 1891. This rule states that the objective of the game is to get a ball from the tee into a hole. This rule was then dropped again for some unstated reason in 1933 and only reincorporated in 1952. Play from a Tee or not to play from a Tee? I know a few golfers myself who'd rather not use the Tee. Although, with advancements in club size and technologies I believe most people are happy to 'Tee Off'.

Golf rules and regulations have changed over the years quite a bit. Fashions and styles of clubs have also changed. There has been some movement back to classic looking clubs and drivers that has caused quite the shake-up in the golf industry. A very interesting concept of combining old styles with new technology. Zenieus Golf has revived vintage clubs and brought them up to speed. These clubs are excellent golf gifts for any avid player of the game.

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Golf clubs have evolved along with the rules of golf. Which one has developed faster? Who is pushing the envelope? With the game of golf there's certainly many golf gifts to choose from.

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15 Avr 2015 

Auto-Content Sherlyn Popelka Biography


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15 Avr 2015 

How To Win WGT Golf Credits

Why Win WGT Credits?

First of all it is important to understand why exactly you need WGT credits. Quite simply, as in real golf, a large part of how you play depends upon your equipment. When you first join WGT you are given a starter set of clubs. These are the basic set which have no real positive attributes. Sure, you will be able to use them and play a round, but you stand little chance of making low scores. So you really need to use WGT credits to upgrade your clubs and buy better equipment. For instance the starter driver will on average hit the ball 220yds. If you buy a top of the line driver you will be able to hit it 280yds. That extra 60yds makes a huge difference. A top driver will also give you greater control and the ability to add more spin to the ball. This is true of all the other clubs you can purchase on WGT. The more you spend, the better the clubs.

To give you an idea of how much it costs to buy a really good set of clubs, here is an example. A top driver will cost you 1,495 credits ($14.95). A 3 wood and a hybrid will cost you 850 credits ($8.50). A top set of irons will cost you 1,925 credits ($19.25). Two wedges will come in at 690 credits ($6.90). Then a good putter will be 1,795 ($17.95). So for the best set of clubs you can buy it will cost you 6,755 credits which is the equivalent of $67.55. So as you can see, that's not cheap. But the difference to your game will be huge.

You can also use your credits to buy better balls, which are also very important to your performance. You can also purchase fun new avatars and a few other extras. There is also the Elite Collection which are products from the real world such as gift cards and golfing holidays. If you win a serious amount of credits, you can even purchase a car using your WGT credits. But if you don't want to spend cold hard cash, how do you earn WGT credits without spending money?

Basic Free Tournaments

WGT prides itself on tournaments. They have several tournaments running at all times. Many of these are free to enter, so you really have nothing to lose in playing these. You play against players of a similar ability, so if you shoot a good score you have a chance of winning. Every week there are several stroke play tournaments and also some that run for a full month. If you place in the top 70 positions in these you will win WGT credits. For a first place win you can win quite a few hundred credits in one go, or if you place so in 50th place, you will probably earn about 5 credits. Over time though these start to mount up and you can spend your credits to improve your equipment.

As a variation to stroke play tournaments WGT also host Closest to the Hole golf tournaments or CTTH as they are known. This involves playing nine shots to different pin locations on different holes. Your score is based on how many yards from the flag you are on each hole, your score is added up to give you a total. There are always a few CTTH tournaments running where again if you place in the top 70 you can win WGT credits. They also do sweepstakes, all you have to do is complete a CTTH tournament and your name goes into a draw to win credits.

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15 Avr 2015 

4 Health Benefits of Nuts that Surprise You

Nuts, such as peanuts, almonds, cashews, etc., are health snacks that come from a natural source. Although they have a lot of calories, they are high in healthy monounsaturated fats. These friendly and tasty foods also bring some amazing health benefits that you may not know about. Let's check out now.

1. Contain a lot of nutrients

Nuts are an excellent source of nutrients. They are packed with many essential vitamins, including vitamin E that maintains healthy skin, and vitamin B-complex that gives you energy. They are also packed with omega-3 fatty acids, fluoride and fiber. In addition, nuts are rich in essential minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium and manganese. Especially, there are many antioxidants found in nuts, like resveratrol, carotene and lutein. These antioxidants help protect you against from some diseases, including nerve diseases, heart disease, cancer, to name a few.

2. Make you live longer

A great health benefit of eating nuts is making you live longer. According to some studies, people who consume nuts regularly have a reduced risk of major diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and blood vessel disorders. Eating nuts also reduces the death risk too. Therefore, you can add nuts such as peanuts, almonds, pistachios and walnuts, to your diet for the sake of health and longevity.

3. Help you stay slimmer

Another health benefit of eating nuts is helping you lose weight. Nuts help you stay slimmer by satiating your appetite. Due to the content of fat, fiber and protein, they can suppress hunger between meals, making them a healthy snack. If you want to lose weight, you should replace your high-calorie snacks such as chips, cookies and candy with those healthy nuts.

4. Improve digestion

Apart from making you live longer and search engine helping you lose weight, eating nuts can improve your digestion. As mentioned above, nuts are rich in fiber, which not only provides added protection against cardiovascular disease but also prevents constipation. In addition, dietary fiber helps support the function of the digestive system. So you can add nuts to your salads or yogurt to enjoy their benefits.

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